Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Novak 6/4/08

These are professional pundits who usually say things that are significant. Robert Novak’s policy is to have something nobody knows in each column. In his memoir at the left he writes of the 50 years he’s covered the news in Washington.

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McCain's Camp Believes Obama Weaker Than Clinton

McCain went on the attack today. He’s spent the last few months trying to unite his party but without success. He distanced himself from George W. Bush to such an extent that his Republican audience yesterday was shocked.

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That Sen. Barack Obama limped through the final Democratic primaries,
unexpectedly losing to Sen. Hillary Clinton in South Dakota Tuesday after being
trounced in Puerto Rico Sunday, is reason for hope by dispirited

Reversing their earlier judgment, Sen. John McCain's strategists now
feel that Obama is a weaker Democratic nominee than Clinton would have been.
McCain's tactics change now that Obama is his opponent.

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My Views

These are two flawed candidates.

Obama: says he wants a serious discussion on race but then he only wants to talk about White racism against Blacks. (Why did Black audiences across America welcome Rev. Wright after knowing about his racist, anti-America speeches? Also, why did the Black audience react so positively to the Rev. Pfleger’s racist rant?) Blacks and Whites are equal. Black racism is just as bad as White racism. Obama wants a frank discussion but not too frank. White racism is politically correct; Black racism is politically incorrect.

McCain: Tends to attack people for purely political gain. His past attacks on Republican leaders (e.g. religious right) were almost McCarthyism in their venom. His targets were unpopular. Hence the falseness and the opportunism. This played well with Media and others who were against Republicans, especially Conservatives, but is a big reason he’s having so much trouble uniting his base now.

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Here’s Novak’s essay.

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