Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is Obama for Real?

Is Barack Obama just another politician - albeit with a flair for the oratorical arts?
Charles Krauthammer writes about Obama's growing list of flip-flops.
Over at ABC News, here's today's Obama's flip on the gun control issue.
He had made the most definite statements about campaign finance reform; he had even promised to meet with John McCain before he made any decisions. Now he's decided to go with the money.
So, we've seen the Primary Campaign Obama. Now we're seeing the General Campaign Obama. His supporters no doubt expect that that the GC Obama is not real, it is to just fool centrist voters into voting for him. Then he'll go back to being PC Obama.
But who will be fooled in the end? When we go from PC Obama to GC Obama to President Obama? What will he be like?