Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mafia Wars: Banking

As a CPA, I’m already familiar with pre-tax and after-tax money. In this game, there’s pre-bank and after-banked money. The difference is 10%. Pay you hospital bills and buy things with pre-bank money.

The strategy guides on the net and even the official forum recommends putting all your skill points into energy. They emphasize the rapid increase of levels by using energy points to do jobs. The trade-off here is that your skill points aren’t going into the fighting skills – Attack and Defense. If you do this, you must bank your money and especially before you end each gaming session. The fighters will go after you. The name of the game is “Mafia Wars”, after all.

I invested skill points in fighting. This game is a social game, so many participants aren’t really players. They accumulate money and then when I attacked them, I collected huge hauls. All power-leveling meant to them was that there was more money for me to steal at higher levels.

Though this strategy does work as this screen I got of the Blogger's Picasa site proves. At 390 Energy, this guy's fighting skills couldn't be very much. What if a same-level mobster attacked him at this point?


Gamer said...

I agree! I spread my points around so I was able to fight, and now I am able to take on most people without even worrying about loosing.

Plus I hate paying that 10% fee!